Communiqué :

20/12/1999 Diffusion : clients, distributeurs et agents d'Able Systems Ltd.
Introduction progressive du symbole de l'euro en H80 - à la place du "ç" - dans tous les systèmes d'impression.

Able Systems Limited has started a process to ensure that all its printer products will have an appropriate symbol for the Euro Currency. Since there is no universally agreed position for this symbol in the commonly used character sets, Able Systems Ltd has consulted widely with manufacturers of printing mechanisms and with customers.

There appears to be an emerging de-facto standard that this character should be placed at location 80 hexadecimal (128 decimal) in the resident character set of ASL printers which is also known as the "IBM® Character Set" or "Code 437". This location is currently used for the French character "capital C cedilla" which is seldom used.

Able Systems Ltd has decided to proceed on the basis described above and would like to receive any comments which its customers might have concerning this decision.